Purchase of old cars

Purchase of transport means

Do you have an old car? Do you think it is not worth more than scrap? Have you not thought you can take it to scrap? Doesn’t your car meet the requirements to be able to run along Lithuanian roads? Don’t trouble. Your car may be unusable and not contain constituents. Any car, passenger or cargo transport means is good for us. If you car cannot run, we will take it ourselves.

How do we buy a car?

If it is a car, jeep or cargo bus up to 3,5 tons, it is just weighed on a car weighing-machine and the weight is multiplied by the kilo price paid on that day. You can calculate the preliminary car price – the car mass excluding cargo is indicated in the certificate of registration (marking „G“, see the picture below). If the car contains all its parts, the weight should be approximately the same.

If it is a cargo or passenger transport means (bus) over 3,5 tons, the number of wheels (tires) and seats as well as other non-metal parts of the transport means should be considered on which the deducted pollution of the transport means will depend. It is performed individually for every transport means.

By giving away the transport means, the document proving the proprietary right of the vendor should be submitted. After purchasing your car, we will issue the certificate of destruction of a transport means unsuitable for use (ENTP). This certificate will be necessary while registering the car out in the branches of state enterprise Regitra.

Automobilio Pasas

Example: Certificate of registration of the car. Mass excluding cargo.

Example of calculation of the preliminary car price according to the certificate of registration of the care shown in the picture: (2065 kg -150kg) * 0,60 lt/kg = 1149 Lt. You would get this amount. The resident income tax (5% resident income tax) is already deducted from our prices.